Custom Cabinet

Our Custom Cabinet Maker in Tuttle, OK, Never Disappoints

WATTS Industries LLC is a licensed and insured custom cabinet maker providing customized solutions for our customers’ needs in Tuttle, OK. Our fully customized cabinets can be made precisely to your tastes. Whatever you require: European, Shaker, solid wood, laminate wood, and everything in between.


Get a Personalized Design

Our cabinets are custom-made so there are no restrictions on the design options we can provide. We also offer installation services to make sure your new cabinets are set up properly once they’re complete! When you work with our custom cabinet builder, you can expect the following:

  • Design consultation to get your vision on the table—and brainstorm ideas that are unique to your space and lifestyle
  • A highly personalized approach to every project, from start to finish
  • A detailed plan for installation that ensures your cabinets are installed correctly and safely

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Your cabinets should help you organize and store all your household items, from pots and pans to cleaning supplies. Our team of experts can help you design a custom storage solution for your kitchen or bathroom that will make it easy for you to access the things you need when you need them. Custom cabinet makers are your best bet for getting the exact kind of cabinets you need. So, call us today to start a project!